director 3_00000.png

“Marco” :15 for MeetMax

“TRAY” Broadcast Spot for Modkat

A clip from “Sones” a short documentary created for DataArts

“Fooz Ball” :15 for MeetMax

TEDTalks Conference Open (UPS) - from a series of unique opens for each speaker

Dr. Scholl's OdorX :30

“The Life A House Built” - 60 Min Documentary for PBS

“XL” Broadcast Spot for Modkat

National Geographic: Adventure is the Destination

“Sketch” - MeetMax :15

MODKAT Broadcast Spot / Winner: SIA Gold Medal

"God in New York" Book Trailer

2018 MODKAT Campaign

Ann Moore Lifetime Achievement Award 

National Geographic: "Innovation is the Destination"

“Cat Stories: The Hunter” - one of six stories created for the popular ModKat viral campaign.

“Drowning Lessons” / Sundance Jury Prize, Scorsese Directing Award

"The Groomsmen" a film by Ed Burns. Behind the Scenes and Promo

Birthday Tribute to Alan Rappaport (Chairman and Managing Director, CIBC Oppenheimer Corp.)

ASME Event Video / Winner TELLY Silver Medal

Commercial for the PBS Show "Bill Moyers Journal"

Art Direction and Animation Samples

A stark and simple reminder about the cost of war.

New England Culinary Institute Recruitment Video

PBS FILMS concept boards